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   First of all, thank you for your interest in booking SNS ENTERTAINMENT.  Below is a short list of requirements that are necessary for optimum effectiveness for your event.  Please note, this particular rider addresses Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas events.  If air travel is required, please contact us about our full rider. This is not meant to cause any inconveniences.  If there are any questions or if you have trouble providing any of the below mentioned please get in touch with us before the day of the show and we will work out a solution.





Stage and Power Requirements


4 to 6 piece – 16’ X 24 stage, plus 8’ X 8’ (or 8’ X 6’) drum riser.

7 to 11 piece- 16 X 32 stage, plus 8' X 8' drum riser


 At least 4 20 amp's spread equally though out the stage.


If Stage lighting is required, please contact us for additional pricing.




       1. Green room for performers as close as possible to stage area for changing and breaks

         2. One meal per band member

         3. Bottles of cooled non-carbonated water for stage and backstage. Hot Tea, coffee, soda, ect..

         4. Validation for Parking